Proforma invoices

A proforma invoice is an invoice in the case of which a prepayment is requested prior to the goods/services being issued.

1. Open OPERATIONS under the menu and select Proforma invoices.
2A. Prepare a new one by clicking on the NEW PROFORMA INVOICE button
2B. Modify an existing one by clicking on the corresponding row.

3B. (Modifying an existing one) Select Modify Proforma Invoice under OPERATIONS.

4. The filling in of prepayment rows takes place in a manner similar to that of sales invoices. More about that here: Preparing a sales invoice

4A. However, on the proforma invoice there is the prepayment portion % field, which must be changed, if necessary. It is 50% by default.

5. Upon receipt of the invoice click Mark as paid

The example shown in the picture, in which the full price of the sales transaction is 100 + 20% VAT and the requested prepayment is 50% of the transaction amount.

5A. Receipts / changing an prepayment invoice associated with receiptsif the invoice is partially/completely associated with the receipt, then in order to amend the invoice the receipt(s) must be decoupled from the invoice with the help of the “remove assignment” icon. Once the invoice has been amended, the decoupled receipt must once again be coupled to the invoice; more about that here.

6. (Marking as paid)  Designate Account/Register.
If necessary, change the amount, designate the correct date for the receipt, if necessary fill in the additional information field, and/or bind it to the project.
(For example: if receipts took place on different days – then clause 5 and clause 6 must be repeated using different data).

 A financial entry is prepared for the receipt:   D: Buyer’s prepayments K: Trade receivables
Consequently, the prepayment invoice shall not be reflected in the VAT report as long as a sales invoice has not been prepared from the prepayment invoice or the entries have not been corrected manually.

P.S.! More information on preparing a sales invoice from a proforma invoice can be found here: Preparing a sales invoice from a proforma invoice

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