Calendar events (holidays, sick leaves and so on)

The purpose of the calendar is to allow you to record events that affect the salary calculation and, if you so wish, the ones that do not so that they would be automatically taken into account in correct periods. An event requires the identification of the employee, the event type (for example, holiday or sick leave) and the date range. If necessary, you can add notes or comments to events for your own use.

To add an event related to an employee click on the relevant date in the calendar and that opens a window for adding an event.

The calendar also displays public holidays previously entered in the system. The system uses them to calculate the average salary of a calendar day.

More about public holidays (click here):
The Estonian public holidays and days of national importance are provided by the Public Holidays and Days of National Importance Act. Information about the public holidays of other Member States and EEA States is published once a year in the C series (information and notices) of the Official Journal.

Events added to the calendar are displayed as a list next to the calendar, which can be exported in various formats.


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