Purchase report

A purchase report gives an overview of the purchases during the selected period in the form of an aggregate report as well as by items, suppliers and projects.

1. Open “REPORTS” and select “Purchase report”.
2. Select the report period. If you want a report on all the purchases of the selected period, no more fields need to be filled in. For advanced filtering enter the criteria. Confirm your selection by clicking on “Generate”.

A graphic overview is also generated on the basis of the generated report.


In the purchase report you can view:

* aggregate report – displays all purchases sorted chronologically;

* suppliers report – displays purchases sorted by suppliers; gives information on invoice payments – paid/unpaid, late invoices.

* item report – displays purchases sorted by items, whereas the term “undefined” is used under item code and name in the case of the purchase of non-warehouse items.

* projects report – displays purchases sorted by projects; gives information on amounts, payments, number of invoices and number of suppliers by projects.

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