Delivery addresses

A delivery address can only be added to sales invoices. Adding a delivery address may prove necessary, for example, if the payer of the invoice and the recipient of the goods are different. A delivery address can be used to designate subunits / subsidiaries / simply different supplementary addresses (for example, a company has several warehouses) for a company. It is also possible to add a specific contact person under the delivery address. (Information on adding contact persons can be found: Contacts)

1. Open PARTNERS under the menu and select Delivery addresses.

2. To add a new address, click on the button NEW DELIVERY ADDRESS.

3. Fill in the delivery address fields.

Click here to find out how the delivery address and the associated contact person are reflected on the invoice.

By entering the sales invoice it is possible to add client info: value added tax identification number; registry number in the commercial registry; e-mail address.

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