Clients and suppliers are not strictly distinguished in the SimplBooks system since one company can be both for your company.

1. Client/supplier details can be changed on the client information sheet.

Different segments of the client/supplier information sheet display related contacts, contact details, notes and sales and purchase invoices and on the right you can find the operations menu for the client/supplier.
Available operations include adding a new invoice for the client, saving new payment terms and conditions (under “Change the client/supplier”) or deleting the client.

N.B. The client/supplier cannot be deleted if there are any invoices or other operations bound to them.
More about notes:
The SimplBooks software automatically saves in the notes the e-mail contents for offers and sales invoices sent. The content of the invoice (PDF copy) is not saved in the notes.
Automatically saved notes are, for example: “Price offer No. 1412 has been changed after being sent to the client and it must be sent again to the client” or “Invoice No. 1400033 has been sent to the client outside the SimplBooks system”, etc.


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