Exporting data in XBRL GL format

SimplBooks allows exporting of sales and purchase invoices in XBRL GL format. Mentioned features are not active in any environment by default. This can be easily changes under your environment settings.

To export data in XBRL GL format you will first need to open “Settings -> environment settings“. Necessary setting can be found at the bottom of the page (“General settings“) “Show XBRL GL options” (see next image).

After enabling this feature you will see new options in different parts of the software. Additional options appear in sales invoices list’s export dialog, in sales invoice view’s operations menu, in purchase invoices list’s export dialog, in purchase invoice view’s operations menu.

Sales invoices list allows exporting of multiple invoices as one file. If you with to export invoices in XBRL GL file format to another system (eg MCDS) then it is advised to check the capabilities of the receiving end. Eg how big files it can handle etc.

To get XBRL GL file for one invoice then you will need to open that invoice’s view by clicking on suitable row in sales invoices list. XBRL GL file downloading link can be found under “Operations” menu on the right side of the page.

In case you are interested in finding out more about XBRL GL standard and why and in what cases is it used then please take a look at SimplBooks blog articles. You can also find links to webinars about this topic.

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