Warehouses (adding a warehouse account, creating a new account and deleting a warehouse)

The process of adding a new warehouse begins with the creation of a financial account for the warehouse. If there are several warehouses, a separate financial account should be created for each warehouse. A client warehouse is created in the same way.

1. Open ACCOUNTING in the menu selection and select Accounts. Click on NEW ACCOUNT.
2. On the new page that opens complete the fields and save.

NOTE: Check to make sure that the account is associated with the corresponding reports.

3. Open WAREHOUSE -> WAREHOUSES in the menu selection. Click on the “NEW WAREHOUSE” button.

Fill in the name, select a financial account into which the programme will by default enter goods purchased for the warehouse and designate whether the warehouse is active or not.
If the required financial account does not exist it must be added beforehand. More about that here.

4. DELETING A WAREHOUSE (click here):

4. Deleting a warehouse

An entered Warehouse can only be deleted if it is not associated with warehouse articles, or can be changed by doing the following: move within the menu selection: “Warehouse / Warehouses”. Activate the desired warehouse by clicking on the row and in the window that opens, under operations, is “Delete the current object” or Change the current object”.

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