How to start salary calculation?

Salary calculation might just be one of the most complicated things in accounting. Although we have tried to make salary calculation as automatic and precise as possible, it largely depends on the accuracy of the source data entered in the system. If you have any questions or hesitations, please be sure to contact our helpline.

Where to begin then?

There isn’t much that needs to be done. First you should enter in the system the employees whose salary you want to calculate. A more detailed manual is available here: Entry of employees. And the next thing is to enter the salary of a specific period.

If the employee goes on leave or is ill during the period for which salary is calculated, then for such an event there is a calendar in the salaries module where such events should be added. A detailed description of how to add calendar events can be found in a separate manual here: Adding calendar events.

In conclusion, the steps for beginning with salary calculation are as follows:

  1. Entry of employee data
  2. Adding calendar events (for example, sick leave and holidays)
  3. Calculation of salary

After that comes the payment of the salary and preparation of the income tax and social tax statement on the basis of the calculated salary. The income tax and social tax statement preview (“Reports -> TSD report“) is prepared on the basis of payments associated with salary.



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