Submitting a VAT statement and attachments from a file

The VAT statement and INF forms A and B can be exported from SimplBooks as an XML-file and imported into the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. From January 2022, the main data and appendices of the report are in one file.

If the period report is open, click on the button “Export report” and then click on the green button “VAT declaration XML”.

Please review the data before exporting. If necessary, unsuitable lines can be removed from the INF appendices before exporting. To do this, the unsuitable line should be unchecked, in which case the data will not be included in the report.

In the annexes to the VAT INF A (sales invoices) and INF B (purchase invoices), transactions exceeding EUR 1000 (excluding VAT) by counterparty must be declared. Transactions with individuals are not reported in the INF notes.

Activities in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board environment

Taxes -> Submit and view KMD -> Add a new tax return

Select a taxable period and click “Add”

Once the report has been generated, select “Add data from file”

Save and confirm the declaration.

If in the accounting month there have been sales transactions with companies of the European Union countries with 0% VAT or reverse charge reference, then such sales transactions must be declared in the VD report.

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If you have any questions about the Tax and Customs Board environment, please contact to their specialists.

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